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The Importance Of A Sharp Can Opener

Ever notice that even the cleanest kitchens have one thing that may not look so great? The can opener! Can openers tend to attract rust and grime, and health inspectors love to pick on them. But there’s much more to a can opener than just a sharp blade. There’s also the safety risk of metal shavings and hazardous can edges. The Cozzini Can Opener Exchange Program eliminates the need to ever purchase or replace a can opener again. The Program provides a fully reconditioned can opener replacement on a predetermined frequency. Your reconditioned can opener will have all new internal parts: the blade, spring, gear, and pins because a sharp blade is meaningless if the gears are stripped or the spring is damaged. Then we go the extra step by sandblasting the entire exterior to create a like new finish. You’ll receive a completely reconditioned can opener that looks and functions like new. One less thing for you to worry about. One more way Cozzini can make your life easier.

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