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Knife Sharpening Service

Cozzini Bros. sharpening and exchange programs specialize in serving restaurants and supermarkets. We remove the guess work from sharpening your critical knives and ancillary slicing blades by servicing you on a regular predetermined schedule.

Expert Knife Sharpening Service

Cozzini offers expert sharpening and exchange solutions for all of the blades you use in your daily food preparation.  We can customize our service by your departments, location or region.

  • Slicer blades
  • Can opener blades – Cast Iron
  • Can opener blades – Stainless
  • Grinding plates
  • Grinding knives
  • Food processor blades
  • Nemco replacement blades
  • Floral stem cutters

Every Cozzini route salesmen stocks an array of these reconditioned or sharpened products. Talk to your driver if you’re looking to have one exchanged or replaced!

The Benefits Of A Sharp Edge

Professional knife sharpening and blade sharpening ensures long-lasting sharp edges and increases the lifespan of your equipment. Cozzini’s exchange program helps make your life easier:

  • Eliminate the inconvenience of purchasing or replacing equipment blades
  • Much safer and cleaner than knife and blade sharpening in-house
  • Minimize sharpening risks to your employees
  • Expect consistently sharp quality products and services. We do it right!
  • Sharp edges maintain food quality and appearance while minimizing waste
  • A cost effective and beneficial service to your staff.
  • Standardized sharpening procedures take the guess work out for you and your staff
  • A guarantee backed by over 100 years of professional knife sharpening experience
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