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The Cozzini Story

Cozzini Timeline

The Cozzini Story


In the small town of Pinzolo, deep in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy, Mr. Giuseppe Cozzini learned the art of the “Moleta”. Once fully trained, he and other young men were sent to America with their “Mola” in hand to earn a living for themselves and their families back home in Pinzolo.

Giuseppe arrived to Ellis Island in 1905. His was a dream of so many immigrants to this country; to build a better life for his family. He made his way to Chicago to begin this dream. To begin the pursuit, Giuseppe and his mola made it up and down the streets of Chicago.

By the 1930s, his three sons, Ottorino, Lino and Angelo also came to America to work with their father in the business he had been building for 25 years. They increased their territory and began using horse drawn wagons for their sharpening equipment and for delivering their knives to restaurants and the ever growing meat industry in Chicago.

As the business grew, they soon began using trucks, allowing the business to grow beyond the city limits. Soon, children from Ottorino, Lino and Angelo joined the business and it grew to provide the service to both residential and commercial accounts throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. They soon centralized their knife sharpening and began daily routes to their customer’s locations.

Oscar and Oswald Cozzini continued the tradition and work ethic of their grandfather into the new millennia. The once small, single “Mola” business has grown into the only nationwide cutlery service business in the country. Over the years, a full portfolio of products and services have been added as our customers’ needs have grown. From food processor and slicer blades to cutting boards and can openers, Cozzini is the one stop solution for all of your sharpening needs.

Whether you have a national chain of restaurants or a corner deli, contact Cozzini to provide for all of your cutlery needs the old fashion way: superior products coupled with great service. It’s a tradition!

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