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Chef’s Corner

A Culinary Odyssey with Chef Lucas Leventry CDM/CFPP

 In the Beginning: A Kitchen Tale

Chef Lucas’s love for cooking sprouted in the heart of his childhood kitchen, guided by the hands of his mom. From these early moments, a lifelong love affair with food was born. His culinary journey officially began at a local Country Club, where he found inspiration in the artistry of the resident chef.

A Taste of Victory: Platinum Chef Competition

A key moment in Chef Lucas’s illustrious career was his victory in the Platinum Chef Competition at Slippery Rock University. This culinary showdown showcased his prowess and demonstrated his unwavering dedication to the craft.

Signature Style: Soulful BBQ and Comfort Cuisine

Chef’s heart lies in the comforting embrace of soul food, BBQ, and all things comforting. A master of flavors, he has crafted his identity around these heartwarming and mouthwatering culinary styles.

The Magic in Ingredients: Fresh Herbs and Garlic

For Chef, the magic lies in simplicity. Fresh herbs and garlic are his go-to ingredients, infusing dishes with vibrant and robust flavors that elevate every bite.

Overcoming Challenges: Unconventional Paths to Success

Chef Lucas’s journey was not paved with classical training, but rather with determination and a God-given talent. Overcoming obstacles, he offers invaluable advice to aspiring chefs: Never quit, as your greatest mistake might just become your best dish.

Tools of the Trade: A Shoutout to Cozzini Bros.

Acknowledging the importance of proper tools in the culinary world, Chef Lucas expresses gratitude to Cozzini Bros. for providing essential equipment that empowers culinary professionals to excel in their craft.

Lessons from The Cornerstone: The Resilience of Never Giving Up

His experience owning and operating his restaurant, The Cornerstone, taught Chef Lucas about perseverance and reinforced his mantra of never giving up. This philosophy continues to influence his culinary endeavors and inspire those around him. Chef encourages upcoming chefs to embrace challenges and recognize their potential for greatness. His career stands as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and dedication in the culinary world.

A Culinary Impact: National Recognition in 2020

In 2020, Chef Lucas’s significant contribution to senior living cuisine was recognized by the National Food Management Magazine. His dishes and his commitment to making a difference in the culinary world touch many lives.

Culinary Heights: Aramark’s Culinary Maestro

Currently, Chef Lucas holds the esteemed position of Corporate Executive Chef for Aramark, where he showcases his culinary skills and leadership in shaping the culinary landscape within Aramark’s Senior Life+ division. Chef Lucas extends his appreciation to Aramark, recognizing the support that has enabled him to contribute to the newly launched division.

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