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(VIDEO) Cozzini Knife Exchange vs DIY Knife Sharpening Units

A new Cozzini Bros video looks at the pitfalls of DIY knife sharpening and highlights the four biggest do-it-yourself concerns: safety, consistency, time, and cost.

Safety: This is the biggest consideration because one accidental cut can dramatically reduce the promise of savings. The risk of injuries will go up because of the added safety risk while collecting, sharpening and distributing knives.

Consistency: If a kitchen is sharpening their own knives, how is the quality monitored?  Who knows when the knife is sharp? How much pressure do you put on a knife when sharpening it?

Time: Does a typical restaurant really have the extra time required for DIY knife sharpening?  Consider the fact that staff changes make the job even more challenging.

Cost: A properly sharpened knife requires a commitment that kitchen staff is not prepared, nor desires, to take on.  And the cost to keep knives sharp rises as wages rise.

The video explains that the better method is a cost effective Cozzini knife exchange and sharpening program. A Cozzini knife exchange and sharpening program eliminates the need to purchase knives. There are no upfront costs, and no ongoing costs to replace lost, damaged or worn knives. And there is never a need to purchase and replace sharpening equipment.

Plus, only Cozzini Bros tests blade sharpness using an Anago Sharpness Tester.  The Anago enable Cozzini to consistently achieve maximum performance from their sharpening equipment.

Cozzini Bros Inc. is the #1 knife rental and sharpening service in America, serving independent restaurants, restaurant chains, grocery stores and other food service institutions. The company provides knife exchange, various ancillary services and kitchen supplies to over 45,000 customers nationwide.



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